How am I funding this trip?

I completed a paid summer research internship with the University of Montevallo's McNair Scholars program. My pre-semester travels will be paid exclusively from those funds. During my semester I will use savings from my job as a student worker at the circulation desk of Carmichael Library at my university, the remainder of my McNair stipend, a small art department scholarship that will go towards tuition ( I am still applying for more scholarshipsand recently was awarded a scholarship by Global scholars) and a lot of help from my hard working and very supportive family. They know the value of travel and education and are excited about my opportunity to do this.

I have worked since I was 14. Mostly as a student library worker, but also at places like the San Diego fair (ask me to tell you some Carny stories next time you see me!), and at Movie Gallery. I recently got a part time job as an English tutor at a college, I hope it works out!

If you enjoy reading this blog about my experience and would like to make a donation, there is a button on the bottom of this page that will link to my paypal. Any amount would be appreciated and would help out with the u.s. dollar to euro conversion shock (WOW! $1.00 is only .70 euros). That's a big difference when rent for student housing is   between 230-270 euros a month. (230 euros= 325 USD)

Support Art, Support Adventure!
***For a donation of at least $8.00, I will send you a thank you postcard from which country I am in!Postage and a postcard costs me about 2$

***For a donation of at least $15.00, I will not only send you a thank you postcard but it will include a small sketch drawn on the back  (I am a Drawing major in a BFA program and will be studying art in Dortmund)

Remember to add your address in a note to seller so you receive your postcard!

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